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When it comes to renting a dumpster, there are some items that you cannot put in your dumpster rental. Here is a list of what you cannot put into a dumpster:

Medical Infectious Waste

These are products that come from medical facilities and hospitals. They contain contagious, highly infectious substances and wastes that can cause illness and sickness if not correctly disposed of. All medical waste needs proper disposal by medical waste disposal companies.


It would be best not to put adhesives like glue, acid, gunpowder, and epoxy in the garbage. The chemicals that remain in items such as rubber carpets and plastics after burning are harmful components.


Handling asbestos requires utmost care. This can include an expensive authorization processes and technical requirements. A proper asbestos handling plan will ensure correct treatment, transport, and disposal of this dangerous material. It's best to leave this with professional asbestos removal outfits.

Household Cleaning Fluids

Certain cleaners and chemicals you might be using in your home are dangerous. Do not mix household ingredients like bleach, ammonia, and flame retardants with other non-hazardous waste.

Human Waste

Feces and other human wastes are often the most commonly violated rule for dumpster rental because of ignorance. Human waste is the primary source of bacteria and ammonia in debris. They should not go in the dumpster!

Dead Animals

Dead animals can become a familiar sight for qualified dumpster haulers. However, these animals can become a health risk if their remains leak toxins.

Hot Water Tanks

Water heaters contain chemicals that will break down if they contact an open fire and become quite harmful. These chemicals, however, are relatively harmless and only cause injury to humans disposed of improperly.

Ink & Resins

These items are used in the printing industry. They contain solvents that, when burnt, release harmful fumes. You must not put waste containing ink or resins in your designated garbage container.

Dumpster Rental Woodstock GA What Can’t I Put in My Dumpster Rental a sampling of hazardous wastes (1)

Toxic Materials and Other harmful Chemicals

It is important not to mix toxic materials with other garbage or disposed of in a dumpster. It is a legal obligation to take these materials to a hazardous disposal site.

This category includes chemical products such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and paint thinners. It is not legal to mix these products with other garbage.

Dumpster rental companies have stringent rules for what they will and won't haul. The best thing to do is give your rental company a call before filling your container with unknown materials.

Motor Oil and Grease

Motor oil has petroleum distillates that are harmful when burned. It is always best to use a disposal company to remove this type of waste. They will be able to handle it safely and dispose of it properly.

Automotive grease is also dangerous because of its catastrophic effects on the environment. They can also be toxic to your health. This is a deadly neurotoxin that can cause illness, rapid heart rates, confusion, and death if disposed of improperly.

Fire-Hazard Materials

Fire hazards that can explode or ignite, such as Butane, diesel, or gasoline, can be hazardous. Any amount is too much.

Non-Alkaline Batteries

Car batteries, wet cell batteries, and any battery that contains acid or lead should not go in dumpsters. The dumpster rental company cannot legally transport them to a landfill.

The dumpster rental company cannot legally accept batteries because of EPA regulations. You can dispose of alkaline batteries in the dumpster, but an authorized recycling center should handle non-alkaline ones.

Propane Tanks

Since propane tanks are hazardous materials, they should not have a place in dumpsters for disposal. The only exception is when dumpsters are rented for the specific purposes of an authorized recycling facility.

Freon Containing Appliances

Items that contain freon, such as an air conditioner or refrigerator cannot go in dumpsters. They are too hazardous. You must recycle these items at an authorized recycling center.

Paint and Lacquers

Chemicals, paint, lacquers, gasoline, and oil cannot be disposed of in dumpsters because it is hazardous to our health.

These toxic materials can not be mixed with other garbage or disposed of in a dumpster. Take these hazardous materials to an authorized recycling facility for disposal.

Compressed Gas Cylinders

The dumpster rental company cannot legally accept cylinders that contain compressed gas. Even if the container is empty, it should not be placed in a dumpster. It can pose a fire hazard or even explode while being transported to the dumpster.

In summary, there are many things that dumpster rental companies cannot take. The best thing to do is to inquire from the company. They will have a list what you can and cannot not dump in the rented dumpster. You can do this before renting a dumpster so you can decide if you need one for your project.

We hope that this blog has shed some light on the dumpster rental process. If you are renting a dumpster, be sure to read our other articles about dumpster tips!

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