Dumpster Rentals: Are They Really Safe for Yard Waste Disposal?

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When you have a large landscaping or yard cleanup project coming up in Woodstock, GA, renting a dumpster may seem like the best way to go. But before you put yard waste in the trash can you rent, ensure you have permission to do so. 

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Can yard garbage be thrown away in a dumpster, or does it need to be disposed of in another fashion? Dumpster Rental Woodstock GA is here to explain the dumpster rental process and the items that are permitted and prohibited in the dumpster.

What Really Happens to Yard Waste

You may typically dispose of yard waste in your regular trash, but where you should take it will vary based on location. 

Yard waste needs to be disposed of in a specific way to be composted in some areas, while other areas don't mind if it's thrown in with the regular trash. In that case, yes, you can use a dumpster for yard garbage. The location of your job and the availability of dumpsters determine the response.

For example, you might not be able to put dirt from your building project in the dumpster. Lawn and yard debris are not often accepted in the same dumpster as regular trash, so you may need a second bin for this type of waste.

renting a dumpster woodstock ga

Disposal of Yard Debris and Roll-Off Container Rentals

Renting a dumpster allows you to dispose of anything that can be thrown away at your local dump. As a result, the rental business will be subject to the same restrictions as building owners. 

The best method to find out what the rules are in your area is to contact the landfill. It's also possible to contact the rental agency directly to inquire about their rules.

Dumpster rentals are convenient for disposing of yard debris since...

Renting a dumpster seems like overkill when you're only cleaning up some yard debris. To begin with, you will not have to stress about obtaining any specific trash cans or even locating a place to put them when you rent a dumpster. 

Don't worry about it; just rake it all up and throw it away. Second, it's more convenient to deal with your trash at once. Yard chores can be completed more quickly this way. Call a dumpster service when you're done cleaning up the yard, and they'll take care of the garbage.

renting a dumpster woodstock ga

Rent a Dumpster Overnight to Save Time!

Let us help you figure out the local regulations if you're confused. Our staff is well-versed in the rules and regulations of each service region, and we can help you figure out the most effective way to deal with your trash and other waste. 

We provide a simple and cost-effective option for removing unwanted yard debris in the form of dumpster rentals.

If you're planning on doing some landscaping, contact Dumpster Rental Woodstock, GA. Let's examine if renting a dumpster in Woodstock, GA to help you clean up your yard makes sense. We'll get the job done efficiently, and then we'll haul away the yard debris after we're done.

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